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VetCor Canine Reproduction Services

VetCor Canine Reproduction Services restricts its veterinary services to breeders and the many aspects of Canine reproduction such as:


Services Provided:

  1. Fresh Chilled And Frozen Semen

  2. Ovulation Timing

  3. Semen Evaluation

  4. TCI

Frozen Semen Information:

  1. What To Expect

Infertility Information Pages:

  1. Bitch

  2. Stud Dog

Address and Contact Info

19337 - 48 Avenue, Surrey, BC  Canada  V3Z-1B1  Tel: (604)372-0334 Fax: (604)372-3779 

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· Health examination of bitch and stud dog

· Infertility investigation in the stud dog and the bitch

· Semen analysis

· Ovulation timing

· Fresh Chilled Semen preparation, shipping, receiving & insemination

· Semen freezing, receiving, shipping, storing and insemination

· Litter vaccinations

· Vaginal prolapse surgery

· Non surgical Abortion

· Non surgical Pyometra treatment

· Induction of heat cycle

· Pregnancy Ultrasound

· Vaginal insemination with fresh semen

· Transcervical insemination

· Surgical insemination

· Caesarian sections

· Vaginoscopy

· Vaginal cytology

· Progesterone testing

· Whelping