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Infertility In The Bitch

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Serosal Cysts on Uterus of 8 Year Old Bitch

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There is always that percentage of females and males for which the inability to conceive cannot be determined.

The Bitch

Infertility in the bitch can have a number of causes and these will can vary with the age of the bitch. .

In the maiden bitch causes can be divided on the basis of whether the bitch cycles or does not cycle .  In the non cycling bitch, (anestrous bitch,) there may a lack of functional ovaries, ova-testes, incomplete or lack of uterus, hermaphrodism or chromosomal abnormality. In the cycling bitch we can divide infertility problems on the basis of the cycle i.e. is it of normal or abnormal length in duration.  If abnormally long, is it a split heat or is it due to follicular cysts.  If the heat cycle is of normal duration could there be an anatomical defect such as a vaginal septum or constrictions which prevents penetration and “tie” formation.

In older cycling bitches there is a greater chance for endometrial cysts due to prolonged or repeated progesterone influence.  There is an increased risk of ovarian, uterine and vaginal tumors. luteal and ovarian cysts.  Cystic endometrial hyperplasia makes the uterus more vulnerable to infection and pyometra.