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Three Fractions of Dog Semen

Low Concentration; Many Coiled Tails

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On the assumption that we are not including monorchid or bilaterally cryptorchid dogs in the scope of this discussion, semen evaluation is the key to determining stud dog fertility.

The ejaculate is divided into three fractions, the first fraction being clear and lubricating in nature, the second fraction is the sperm rich fraction (SRF) and the third fraction is prostatic fluid. Analysis of the semen requires examination of the Sperm Rich Fraction for concentration (number of sperm), progressive motility and morphology.

It is not enough to say “there are a lot of sperm and they are wiggling”.  Sperm motility must be assessed immediately and on a warm slide.  Morphology requires a special staining process of a sample of the sperm.

Sperm production from germinal cell to mature sperm takes 72 days.  For this reason what you examine at one point in time may be a reflection of what happened nearly 3 months previously.  If it appears that fertility is compromised either by numbers or morphology or motility, it is wise to repeat the test procedure in 3 months.

Infection, inflammation, stress, poor nutrition, fevers, tumors or medications can all influence sperm quality. The result may be low numbers, poor motility or increased number of morphological defects.

Good Concentration But Numerous Defects