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Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

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Norwegian Catheter

The Cervix is Cannulated and Injected

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Why TCI?

Compromised semen e.g. frozen or fresh chilled or poor quality live semen has a better chance of causing conception if placed directly into the uterus.  This is usually done surgically with the bitch under anesthetic.  Using the TCI technique this can be accomplished in a large percentage of awake standing bitches and does not require anesthesia or surgery.

There are two recognized TCI methods, namely the Norwegian catheter method and the rigid endoscope method.  The Norwegian system is a blind technique which  involves the insertion of a plastic cannula into the vagina through which is passed a long blunted metal needle.  The cervix is palpated at the end of the plastic cannula and the needle is then blindly inserted into the cervical opening.  The endoscopic system involves a visualization of the cervix with an endoscope and then the passage of a plastic catheter through the mouth of the cervix.